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DIY CAMP SINK - Foot Pump Operated Hand Washing Station

This year (2020) has brought with it many new challenges and one of those has been excessive hand washing to keep everyone safe. We built this camp sink so everyone could wash up and keep clean. The sink consists of a foot pump and does not require electricity to operate. It's easy to setup and the whole thing packs back down inside the buckets.

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Siphon Pump & Tubing -

5 Gallon Buckets - (Cheaper if you can find locally)

Favorite Camping Gear:


BioLite 330 Headlamp -

Jackery 240 Portable Power Station -

Jackery SolarSage 60w Solar Panel -

LED Lights String -

Thermacell Backpacker (Mosquito repeller) -

Portable Fan for hot nights (Best Ever!) -

Camp Kitchen:


Tiny 5lb Propane Tank -

RTIC 65 Cooler -

Cooler Anti-Theft Lock Bracket -

Camp Chef Everest 2x Stove (Not currently available. Not sure why)

Fire Extinguisher Small -

5 Gallon Jug Water Pump -

Collapsible sink -

Camp Toilet:


Porta Potti Thetford Curve -

Privacy Shelter Easy Popup -

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