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Coastal Wilderness Adventure: Backpacking the Ozette Triangle in Olympic National Park

Join us on our backpacking trip through the Ozette Triangle in Olympic National Park. We set up camp at Cape Alava for the first night, surrounded by stunning coastal beauty, and continued our adventure to South Sand Point for the second night. The second day brought unexpected challenges as we hiked along the rugged and rocky coastline. The uneven terrain made the journey much harder than we had anticipated. With each step, we had to carefully navigate the rocky outcrops and slippery surfaces, testing our balance and endurance. Despite the difficulties, the views of the sea stacks along the way made the effort worthwhile. One of the most extraordinary highlights of our adventure was the opportunity to discover the ancient petroglyphs scattered throughout the Ozette Triangle. As we reached South Sand Point, we had to search out a spot to set up camp since there were no visible trails to campsites. Add in climbing over large driftwood scattered along the banks with heavy packs on, it was a bit of a challenge.


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