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Enigma Apex Quilt

Enlightened Equipment



We put to the test the Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt. This synthetic 30 degree quilt is made with Climashield APEX Insulation. Weighing in at just over 23 ounces, could this be the perfect addition to our backpacking sleep system? Is the weight savings worth it and will actually keep us warm?

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Enigma Apex Quilt

Technical Specs:


78 x 58 x 42 inches


23.15 oz



Additional Features:

  • Climashield Insulation

  • Footbox

  • No Zippers

  • Pad Straps

  • Stuff Sack


✅  Multi Color Options

✅  Ultralight Weight

✅  Neck Drawcord

✅  Zipper Free


⚠️  Price

⚠️  Custom Ship Time

Enigma Apex Quilt
Enigma Apex Quilt
Enigma Apex Quilt

Our Review:

In an effort to lighten my load during backpacking trips and address my tendency to sleep hot, I recently invested in the Enlightened Equipment 30° quilt. This quilt, weighing around 25 ounces, caught my attention for its potential to shave off nearly a pound compared to my 35° Nemo sleeping bag. Here's my experiences with the quilt, including its features, customization options, and performance during a warm-weather overnight adventure.

Ordering and Customization

When ordering from Enlightened Equipment, especially for custom items, be prepared for a potentially longer wait time. My quilt took about four to five weeks to ship. However, the weight savings and customization options make it worthwhile. The quilt arrives with its own fluff sack, and you can choose from a variety of colors for both the exterior and interior. I opted for a bright white interior to address my concerns about bugs during camping.

Material and Design

The quilt is constructed with 10D material in the Apex version, making it synthetic but providing insulation even when wet. I selected the Enigma model, featuring a sewn-up foot box. There's an option for an open foot box, but I prefer the enclosed design for added warmth. The quilt comes with two straps for securing it to your sleeping pad, a unique feature for me.

Straps and Attachment Points

Attaching the quilt to the sleeping pad may be unfamiliar to many, but Enlightened Equipment provides clear instructions. Two straps with clips secure the quilt on either side of the pad, ensuring it stays in place during the night. The customization extends to adjusting the clips for a snug fit around your body.

Field Test: Warm Weather Performance

On a night when temperatures dropped to 52.2°F, the quilt performed exceptionally well. I appreciated the sewn foot box, which kept the quilt in place. Despite initial concerns about the straps, they remained unnoticed during sleep. Opening one side of the quilt allowed for ventilation, making it suitable for warmer nights.

Additional Considerations

While I tested the quilt in warmer conditions, its versatility is evident. The bright white interior, chosen for bug visibility, may get dirty quickly. For colder weather, there's an option to use the straps to cinch the quilt closer to the body.

Overall Thoughts

The Enlightened Equipment 30° quilt impressed me with its weight savings, customization options, and warm-weather performance. While the ordering process may require patience, the wait is worthwhile for a personalized and high-quality backpacking quilt. As with any gear, it's crucial to test it in various conditions before relying on it in the field. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and look forward to exploring colder weather scenarios in the future.

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