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REI Backpacking Bundle

REI Co-op



We put the REI Co-op Backpacking Bundle through the test with an overnight trip to Mt. Hood National Forest. With a 2.5 mile hike to camp we see if this makes for a good beginner backpacking camp set. It comes with a Passage 2 Tent, Stratus Sleeping Pad, and Trailbreak Sleeping Bag.

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REI Backpacking Bundle

Technical Specs:


88 x 52 x 39 inches


11 lbs 2.6 oz



Additional Features:

  • Sleeping Pad

  • Foot Print

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Rainfly


✅  4 Piece Set

✅  Comfort Level

✅  Unisex

✅  R-Value


⚠️  Weight

REI Backpacking Bundle
REI Backpacking Bundle
REI Backpacking Bundle

Our Review:

Embarking on a new adventure often involves carefully choosing the right gear. In our latest trek, we tested the REI Co-op Backpacking Camp Bundle Set, a promising combination of a two-person tent, sleeping pad, and a sleeping bag designed for temperatures as low as 30 degrees. We evaluate whether this bundle is an ideal choice for beginners.

Setting Up Camp: Choosing the Perfect Spot

As we unfolded the REI Co-op Backpacking Camp Bundle, our eyes were drawn to its components: the Passage II tent, Stratus sleeping pad, and Trail Break sleeping bag. We selected a spot by the lake, liking the simplicity of having our basic sleeping kit neatly packed together.

Assembly and Features: A Detailed Walkthrough

  • The Passage II Tent: Unveiling the tent, we noted its weight of four pounds and two ounces. Assembling it required some instruction consultation, conveniently placed on the inside of the bag. The tent featured a footprint for added dryness, easy attachment of the poles, and thoughtful design elements like dual openings for optimal ventilation.

  • The Stratus Sleeping Pad: With an R value of 2.9, this pad promised a comfortable night's sleep. Its self-sealing feature made inflation a breeze, and the separate deflate value was added bonus. The pad's compact size and lightweight nature added to its appeal.

  • The Trail Break Sleeping Bag: This synthetic, 30-degree sleeping bag boasted a mummy-style design with a hood for colder nights. A unique feature was the bottom zipper, allowing for ventilation in warmer conditions

Testing the Limits: A Night in the Wilderness

As night fell and temperatures dropped, we put the REI Co-op gear to the test. The Stratus pad held up impressively, providing a comfortable surface even for side sleepers. The Trail Break sleeping bag offered warmth, with the hood proving valuable in colder temperatures.

Packability and Convenience: Breaking Down Camp

In the morning, we assessed the packability of the bundle. Folding the tent, deflating the pad, and rolling up the sleeping bag proved to be straightforward tasks. The compact size of each component made them easy to fit into a backpack.

Final Thoughts: A Thumbs Up for Beginners

Our experience with the REI Co-op Backpacking Camp Bundle Set, we found it to be an excellent choice for beginners. The simplicity of an all-in-one kit, coupled with thoughtful design features and reliable performance, makes this bundle a commendable option for those starting their backpacking journey. Whether you're a seasoned trekker or a novice camper, the REI Co-op Backpacking Camp Bundle offers a hassle-free and enjoyable outdoor experience. Happy exploring!

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