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Massif 4 Season Hot Tent




The NatureHike Massif 4 Person Hot Tent is a spacious and adaptable choice for year-round camping, with dimensions of 16.7 ft by 8 ft by 5.9 ft. Tailored for car camping, it boasts a weatherproof design, large doors with inner mesh, skylights, and the ability to accommodate a stove. Despite a potential water accumulation issue in the stove jack's outer flap, the tent impresses with its flexibility and versatility.

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Massif 4 Season Hot Tent

Technical Specs:


16ft x 8ft x 5.6ft


16.7 lbs


Silicone Coated Polyester

Additional Features:

  • Aluminum Alloy Poles

  • 4 Seasons

  • Stove Jack

  • Snow Skirt

  • 4 Access Doors & 2 Skylights

  • Packed Size 26.4 x 11.8 x 10.6 inches


✅ Spacious

✅ Dual Sleeping Areas

✅ 2 x Skylights

✅ 4 Doors


⚠️ Weight

⚠️ Difficult for One Person to Setup

⚠️ Stove Jack Cover Drainage

Massif 4 Season Hot Tent
Massif 4 Season Hot Tent
Massif 4 Season Hot Tent

Our Review:

If you're an avid camper or outdoor enthusiast, finding the perfect tent for your adventures is crucial. We take a closer look at the NatureHike Massif four-person Four Season hot tent – a good option for those who love year-round camping.

Here are some key specifications:

Size Matters

The NatureHike Massif is not your average tent; it's enormous. Measuring at 16.7 ft by 8 ft by 5.9 ft tall, this tent is designed for comfort and space. Built with 30d polyester treated with silicone, it's a robust structure weighing in at 17.6 lb. Clearly, this is not your go-to backpacking tent; it's tailored for car camping enthusiasts.

Weatherproof Design

Boasting a hydrostatic head rating of 2,000 mm, the tent is equipped to handle various weather conditions. Thick aluminum poles and four strategically placed vents contribute to its design. A snow skirt wraps around the tent, covering its four doors – one on each side.

Versatile Entryways

What sets the NatureHike Massif apart is its two large doors on each side. These doors are not only spacious but also equipped with inner mesh, allowing for airflow while keeping the doors open. The corners of these doors feature rings, perfect for creating an awning and providing shade.

Interior Features

Inside the tent, you'll find skylights on either side of the center aisle, offering a touch of natural light. The tent comes with two inner sleeping spaces, each having its own small vestibule area, and they're completely removable. This feature adds incredible flexibility to your sleeping arrangements – a major plus for camping with a group.

Stove Setup

For those chilly camping nights, the NatureHike Massif accommodates a stove. The stove jack is strategically placed, and in our review, we used the Pomoly Oroqen Mini 3 stove. The stove jack allows for the stove pipe to extend outside, ensuring both warmth and safety.

Water Test

One aspect we wanted to examine closely was the water resistance of the stove jack's outer flap. During our water test, we noticed a potential concern with water collecting in this area. While the tent's interior remained dry, the water did accumulate in the outer flap. We'll keep you updated after long term use.

Setup and Space

Setting up the NatureHike Massif is a straightforward process. The tent comes with stakes and guy outlines. The 10 stake-out points ensure stability, and the color-coded poles simplify the setup. One thing to note is the importance of choosing your main entrance opposite the stove jack.

Overall Thoughts:

We're impressed with the size and flexibility of the NatureHike Massif. The spacious interior, removable inner sleeping space, and stove compatibility make it a versatile choice for camping enthusiasts. We plan to put this tent to the test in winter conditions and will provide updates on its performance.

The NatureHike Massif 4 Person Hot Tent is a robust and versatile option for those seeking a spacious and adaptable camping experience. Stay tuned for our winter adventures with this tent as we explore its capabilities further.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this review are based on our experiences, and individual preferences may vary. Always check the latest product specifications and guidelines before making a purchase.

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