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Nemo Forte 20

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We take a closer look at the Nemo Forte 20 Synthetic Sleeping Bag. We review its features, with its synthetic insulation, unique "spoon" shape and ease of use of the compression sack for backpacking. We give you an honest assessment of the sleeping bag's strengths and weaknesses, so you can decide if it's the right fit for your camping needs.

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Nemo Forte 20

Technical Specs:


78 x 66 x 60 inches


2 lbs 14 oz


30D Polyester

Additional Features:

  • Gills

  • Compression Sack

  • Stuff Sack

  • Synthetic Insulation


✅  Blanket Feature

✅  Hood

✅  Pillow Pocket

✅  Spoon Shape


⚠️  Price

Nemo Forte 20
Nemo Forte 20
Nemo Forte 20

Our Review:

Choosing the Nemo Forte 20: 

Our journey with the Nemo Forte 20 began when we secured Backcountry camping permits for Mount Rainier. Realizing that our current sleeping bag wouldn't suffice, we sought out a reliable and versatile option. The Nemo Forte 20 caught our attention, boasting a spoon-shaped design and a range of features that piqued our interest.

Comparing Sizes:

To provide a comprehensive understanding of the Nemo Forte 20, we compared it with other sleeping bags in our collection. The Teton XXL, designed for car camping, served as an interesting contrast. Notably, the Nemo Forte 20, despite being about the same length, proved to be considerably narrower. This comparison highlighted the bag's intermediate size, bridging the gap between car camping and more restrictive mummy bags.

Temperature Ratings and Weight:

The Nemo Forte 20 is a synthetic sleeping bag with a comfort rating of 32 degrees. While it may be heavier than down alternatives, weighing in at three pounds two ounces for the long version, its backpacking-friendly design makes it a practical choice for chilly nights.

Notable Features:

  1. Thermal Gills: These innovative openings allow heat to escape, enhancing temperature regulation. However, be mindful of potential zipper issues.

  2. Zipper Design: The main zipper incorporates thoughtful details, such as a guard to prevent facial contact and a Black Guard for smooth operation. The large zipper pulls contribute to easy use.

  3. Pockets for Convenience: An external pocket serves as a practical storage space for items like a water filter and EpiPen, ensuring they remain unfrozen.

  4. Blanket Fold: Positioned at the top, this feature blocks excess air from entering, significantly improving insulation.

  5. Pillow Pocket: A clever addition, the pocket accommodates a pillow or jacket, providing customizable comfort for a good night's sleep.

Storage and Compression:

Nemo provides a large mesh storage bag for generous storage and a regular stuff sack that doubles as a compression sack. The latter proved crucial for backpackers concerned about space.

Fit and Comfort:

It's important to note that the Nemo Forte 20 zips on the left side, a detail that may affect those accustomed to right-side zipping. Additionally, the bag offers different sizes for men and women, with variations in dimensions.

Overall Thoughts:

The Nemo Forte 20 sleeping bag impressed us with its thoughtful design and practical features. While it may have a slight learning curve in terms of packing, its performance in various conditions and attention to detail make it a reliable companion for backcountry adventures. Consider the Nemo Forte 20 for its balance of comfort, weight, and unique features, making it a standout option for those seeking a versatile sleeping bag for your outdoor pursuits.

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