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RTIC 65 Cooler

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Who in their right mind buys a $200+ cooler???

Yes, that’s what Kelli said when she found out we now own a fancy new cooler. We own 4 other coolers so why get a new one?

This is one of those new Rotomolded coolers and it really works well. It is extremely heavy and can take 2 people to move when it's full. We line the bottom with frozen jugs of water for ice so everything inside stays dry. After 4 days of camping the jugs were still half full of ice! 

If you’re not going the powered fridge route, we can highly recommend the RTIC 65. 


Cooler Lock Bracket


When you have such an expensive cooler it's a good idea to lock it up. The cooler has a special slot you can slide this bracket into. We usually lock the cooler to the trailer wheel.

Optional Baskets

Optional Divider


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Chubby Kitty

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