Biolite Headlamps

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Biolite 330 Headlamp

We ended up with the Biolite 330 headlamp after an exhaustive search for a good running light. This headlamp will stick to your head no matter what crazy movement you may be making. The bulk of the headlamp is the battery which sits on the back of your head. The light itself is small and very lightweight which means it doesn't flop around. Whether you are hanging around camp or blazing a trail this headlamp is a good choice.

  • 330 Lumens

  • 40 hours on LO, 3.5 Hours on HIGH

  • Lightweight

  • Rechargeable

  • You can even run the light while its charging



BioLite 750 Headlamp

We recently added the Biolite 750 headlamp to our gear. With an upcoming 12 hour Twilight trail race, Greg needed a brighter headlamp. We've have really like our BioLite 330 headlamps so we decided to stick with that brand. The battery is larger and heavier than the 330, but it lasts a lot longer. An added feature is the red light on the back, with using it as solid red or flashing, you will be sure to be seen. 

  • 750 Lumens

  • 150 hours on LO, 2 Hours on Constant HIGH

  • Lightweight

  • Rechargeable

  • You can even run the light while its charging

  • Weight 5.3 ounces


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