Camping Site in Mountains

We go over our top 5 tips to make your camp cooler experience just a little bit better.

It’s time to put the BioLite 330 up against the newer 750! Our current headlamps, the BioLite 330, which we really like and are great for camping, were not going to cut it for an upcoming 12 hr Twilight Trail Race. We knew we needed something that put out more Lumens and had a longer battery life, in came the BioLite 750. We give you an overview of the new headlamp and compare it to the 330.

When wood burning campfires are not an option while you are at camp, the propane fueled Ignik FireCan makes for an easy substitute. Ignik offered to send us this fire pit and we were excited to try it out. We also compared it to our larger propane fueled Outland Firebowl. The small size of the FireCan makes it an ideal addition to our camping gear.