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Camping Site in Mountains

We take a first look at the NatureHike Massif 4P 4 Season Hot Tent. How easy is it to setup? How much space is there? Will are Pomoly Oroqen Mini 3 fit? We go over all of these questions along with a closer look at the interior setup. Also checking out the tents unusual features like the skylights, stove jack, and removable inner mesh sleep areas. With this tent weighing in at nearly 18 lbs, it is definitely not a backpacking tent. We will be trying out some winter time glamping.

Wood burning stove inside of a tent? We are trying out something a little different this winter with hot tent camping! We bought the Pomoly Oroqen Mini 3 wood stove. This is a stainless steel stove, but there are titanium alternatives. We'll show you its practical features and the components included, offering insights for those considering a similar setup. With the height of our hot tent, we found that the standard five feet of chimney pipe fell short of our requirements. To overcome this, we sourced third-party extensions from FireHiking. While seamlessly compatible, there are nuanced differences that we discuss in the video, providing valuable information for camping enthusiasts seeking alternatives.

Ever wondered what essentials you need for a short backpacking camping trip? I go over the contents of my backpack, revealing the must-have items beyond the basics like a tent and sleeping bag. Some key gear and gadgets that make my short trips comfortable that you might useful. I don’t technically have an ultralight setup, but I do pick ultralight items whenever possible.

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