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KAYAK CART Review - SUSPENZ DLX Airless cart Unboxing & First Use

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After a few trips to the water we realized we needed a Kayak Cart to transport our Sea Eagle 473rl Inflatable kayak. We decided on the SUSPENZ DLX Airless Kayak Cart for flat bottom boats. This cart is big enough to handle a canoe or small flat bottom boats. They do make a V shaped cart to handle V shaped hulls so make sure you specify when looking for a cart. The cart seems to be well made and the rubber that comes in contact with the boat seems to be good quality. Since we have an inflatable boat I was a little nervous about putting that much pressure on on the bottom but it handles it well. We were only able to make one trip using the new cart but it worked very well and was easy to load and unload. I have watched a few other people use carts and the straps would come loose and the boat would slip sideways. I'm happy to report that buckles held the straps nice and firm so the boat did not slip around. We will do another longer term review once we have had more time using it.

Cart Info


Trolley Cart Platform Size: 13" x 18"

Folded Down: 27" x 13" x 3" and fits into included Mesh Bag

10" Premium never-flat airless rubber tires

150 lbs weight capacity

Cart weight: 9 pounds

Kayak Carts:

Suspenz DLX Kayak Cart (for V Bottom Hulls):

Suspenz DLX Kayak Cart (for Flat Hulls):

Sea Eagle Kayak

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Kayaking Gear:

Kayaking Safety Gear:

Astral Ronny (Mens PFD) -

Astral Linda (Womens PFD) -

NRS Co-Pilot Knife -

Fox 40 Safety Whistle -


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