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We take a closer look at the Esbit Pocket Stove and Solid Fuel Tablets. With a boil water test, does it live up to the hype? We cover the key features of the pocket stove as well as the fuel tablets. The boil water test has some interesting results. Let us know if you have had experience with this stove, especially for longer backpacking trips.

We take a first look at Nemo Equipment’s new Tensor Extreme Conditions Ultralight Sleeping Pad. With testing in both warmer and colder temperatures, we see how well the Extreme Sleeping Pad works. We check out its comfort, heavy duty insulation, with an R-Value of 8.5, its durability and user friendliness. We also do a comparison with the Nemo Tensor Insulated Ultralight Sleeping Pad to see if this new sleeping pad is worth the price tag.

We share 5 tips for minimizing anxiety while backpacking or hiking. These strategies have proven effective for us, and we're excited to pass them on, hoping they'll make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable and worry-free. If you have a technique that has helped you, let us know in the comments.

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