Kelli's Running Gear


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kelli vest.jpeg

Still in the beginner stages of running, with the longest trail race completed was 7 miles at the Silver Falls, I've found the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest works great. It comes with two 17oz Body Bottle collapsible soft flasks. 

The trekking poles have given me more confidence tackling the hills on the trails. They have really given my legs the extra help they needed.


The Gaiters have been a must have addition to my trail running gear. They work great at keeping those small bits and pieces of the trail out of my shoes. No more having to stop and dump them out.

I've tried some other trail running shoes, but found the New Balance Summit shoes, with the heel-to-toe drop at 8mm, work well for me. Of course the grey is a bit boring, would have loved them in blue, but they do cover the dirt and dust well. Adding Kahtoola Gaiters was a must since it seemed like I was always getting debris in my shoes.

I may get a funny tan line wearing these during the sunny days, but they have been a lifesaver for my calves. The cool design is just an added bonus.


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