Greg’s Running Gear

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The Gaiters have been a must have addition to my trail running gear. They work great at keeping those small bits and pieces of the trail out of my shoes. The strap on the bottom has survived 400+ miles!

One of my favorite pieces of gear. I wear this even for my short runs! Perfect spot for my phone, hydration, nutrition & jacket. The two 20oz bottles on the front are perfect for shorter runs. It also has a spot for a 1.5L bladder in the back.


Simple carbon fiber trekking poles. I like to use one in poor or wet conditions. 


The Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5 is a great all purpose shoe. It does great on the road and has enough traction to keep you on the trail. The upper mesh is light enough to allow water to exit when you are crossing water.


For extreme condition look at the Hoka Speedgoat. Excellent traction. 


Garmin Heart Rate Strap not only keeps a good heart rate, it adds a pile of added data points.  If you're a data junkie you may want to check it out. 


It all started after running a 2+ hour race and losing ALL of my data after my Apple Watch battery died. The Garmin 945 is by far a better watch to record data. The battery lasts forever! 

The Hoka One One Recovery Sandals are so nice to wear after those long runs. The thick cushion and the open top gives your foot plenty of room to relax. 

Plus they come in the best color ever. :) 

It's simple. This jacket is ultra lightweight. It folds into itself. It comes with a hood and I would buy it again without thinking twice. 

Pro-Tip: Pagatonia will repair your items for free. 


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