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Jackery 240 Power Station
Jackery 240 Power Station
Jackery 240 Power Station

On our last dry camping trip we took the Jackery 240 and logged every time we used it. We compiled the data and these are the results along with a quick review of the Jackery solar generator and solar panel. We use the Jackery 60 watt solar panel and find it easily offsets our power consumption as long as we have a few hours of good sun. Its compact size make it a great little system!

Our Review:

As camping enthusiasts who value reliable power on the go, we invested in the Jackery 240 and its accompanying 60-watt solar panel. We explore how the Jackery 240 kept our devices charged and our campsite lit over the course of multiple camping trips over the years.

Understanding the Basics: What is a Solar Generator?

Before diving into our experience, let's break down the basics. What exactly is a solar generator? Essentially, it's a lithium battery with an inverter, housed in a box with various plugs. It's crucial to recognize that a solar generator doesn't replace a gas generator—it's simply a battery that requires charging, typically done through a solar panel.

Choosing Jackery 240: A Year in Review

Last year, as we crafted our rooftop trailer, the need for a power source became evident. The Jackery 240 emerged as our solution for lighting, charging watches, phones, and more. With 66 nights of camping under its belt, this solar generator proved its mettle beyond our camping needs.

Battery Life: A Resilient Performer

The Jackery 240's lithium battery has held up admirably. Despite not adhering strictly to recommended charging practices, we've witnessed no battery degradation. We've pushed its limits, draining it down to two percent on occasion, but it has consistently powered our devices through trips lasting between two and five days.

Charging Capabilities: A Lifesaver in Unexpected Situations

Beyond camping, the Jackery 240 revealed its versatility during unforeseen circumstances. From a 12-day power outage during an ice storm to aiding in our escape from encroaching wildfires, this solar generator proved invaluable. It charged laptops, provided light, and demonstrated its worth beyond the realm of camping.

Considerations for Future Purchases: Size Matters

As new models hit the market, it's worth considering your specific needs. Newer versions might feature high-output USB ports or multiple AC plugs. While our 240 model served us well, assessing your requirements and budget is key. Additionally, if camping in quieter environments is a priority, the Jackery's noiseless operation makes it a preferable alternative to traditional generators.

Overall Thoughts

After a year of intensive use, we can confidently say that the Jackery 240, paired with its solar panel, is a valuable addition to our camping gear. While we recommend this specific model, the broader suggestion is to incorporate a lithium battery and solar panel into your camping essentials. The peace of mind and convenience they offer extend far beyond camping trips.

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