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Durston X-Mid 2 Solid
Durston X-Mid 2 Solid
Durston X-Mid 2 Solid

We explore the pros and cons of the Durston X-mid 2 Solid trekking pole tent while on our latest backpacking trip. We discuss its ultra lightweight design, spaciousness, solid inner walls, and ventilation system. We'll also address any potential challenges with setup and limitations to consider

Our Review:

Durston X-Min 2 Solid Tent Review: A Comprehensive Look

Today, we're diving into a detailed review of the Durston X-Min 2 Solid, providing insights into its features and practicality. As first-time trekking pole tent owners, we'll share our perspective on the pros and cons of this model.

Inner Tent Material

Upon initial inspection, we noticed a unique feature – the inner tent material is solid white mesh, offering a bit more warmth compared to the regular version with black mesh. Although visibility through the solid material is limited, the tent compensates with fairly large windows.

Innovative Door Design

One standout innovation is the roll-up door with a clever magnetic closure system. This feature allows for easy and secure door fastening, providing convenience during use and when rolling up the door.

Weather Resistance

Constructed with Sil Poly, the tent exhibits minimal stretch even when wet. This was tested during an unexpected rainstorm, and the tent remained taut without requiring adjustments. In comparison, a Sil Nylon tent had more sagging and required additional adjustments.

Footprint and Ventilation

The two-person tent surprised us with its larger-than-expected footprint, especially with the outer rain fly. The tent features two vents in opposite corners to combat condensation, each equipped with a velcro attachment for optimal airflow.

Stakes and Setup

The tent comes with titanium shepherd's hook stakes, which we replaced with MSR mini groundhogs for improved stability. While the manufacturer suggests four stakes as a minimum, we found six to be more practical. Additional stakes are recommended for the Ridge line in windy conditions.

Waterproof Zippers

The tent's waterproof zippers proved effective, allowing for easy use even in wet conditions. However, attention is needed to prevent the stake from being pulled out when opening the door.

Vestibule Space

One major advantage of the Durston X-Min 2 Solid is its spacious vestibules. These large areas provide ample storage space for gear, and we found them particularly useful during unexpected rain and hail.

Interior Space and Headroom

Inside the tent, there is generous space for one person, accommodating two packs and offering extra room in the corners. Headroom is excellent, especially for sitting, thanks to the design that allows for diagonal placement of sleeping pads.

Pockets and Minor Drawbacks

While the tent has two pockets, we found ourselves missing the multiple pockets of other tents. The design of the pockets, especially for phones and headlamps, may benefit from additional support.

Overall Thoughts

As first-time trekking pole tent owners, we appreciate the Durston X-Min 2 Solid for its innovative features, weather resistance, and spacious design. Despite minor drawbacks, it offers a reliable and comfortable shelter for backpacking adventures.

Note: If you have any advice on properly packing the tent when wet, please let us know. We hope this review helps fellow backpackers in making an informed decision.

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